This and That…

It’s Sunday afternoon… did the church thing… during the pastoral prayer, Josh was sitting beside me, patiently, eyes closed, then wiggling and then I finally hear him sigh… “Aw, how long is this prayer?”  Then within a few minutes we were praying again… Josh, “We’re praying again???”  Yet he refuses to go to his class.  I can force him, but he is not happy in there at all.

The boys were after each other right after church… really?  I find it so frustrating… wondering again… WHY?

Sanj was off to IKEA to finish the purchases for my office.  I am so excited.  Tomorrow it gets painted!  I am so grateful our painter could fit us in so soon!  I wouldn’t have been able to stand it too wait!  

Lots of projects are on the go, now.  Funny, how I just needed a little inspiration.  I can’t wait to tackle the family room next.  I have the accent wall which I will paint red too and the rest of the room will be a warm creamy color.  I have a sofa and chair that we bought for our sun room in the last house for sale… it is rattan from Pier 1… Just doesn’t fit in the family room.

Then there will be the kitchen to paint next… though I am not sure what that color will be … and then the main entrance… which will be a HUGE job and no doubt quite expensive as we will need scaffolding.

Oh well, finally, I am making the home ours.  🙂  I went through our storage space/stash everything that doesn’t have a spot place… and emptied box upon box.  You know those boxes you pack at the last minute not sure what to do with the stuff… well, I trashed much of it and have a little pile for Value Village too.

I plan on writing this week.  I just have to purchase Word for my computer.  I am so excited! Everyone wants to be in my room.  I guess I don’t blame them as it is pretty fantabulous!

As you can see, my office is quite a hit to my babes to lounge too.  Sammy saw my excitement over my office and said, “I still want suppers in the evening!”  Huh?  Sanj looked at him and said, “Who are  you talking to?  Never talk to a woman that way!”  lol

My birthday came and went … I had a fabulous day and then some.  Friday night we had a party of sorts.  I have a project I am working… renovating the primary bathrooms at the boys school.  I asked if my friends would donate money in lieu of a gift or bring food…  Sanj and I catered a delicious Indian dinner.  Thanks to the generousness of my friends so far we have $700!!! Awesome, isn’t it?!!  (if you want to contribute just email me…

Of course this sparked another idea… to do an Indian Dinner as a fundraiser.  My brother groaned and was not impressed.  See, this was one of my father’s ideas.  He had my mom cook (all by herself) a full Indian dinner, then coached us as to what to say and made us sell tickets… to raise money for our tuition.   I admit, I was embarrassed just as much as my brother… but I am revamping the idea.

Indian food is a hit right now and very trendy.  We do not have a lot of options as far as Indian restaurants go, here in Peterborough.   It will be awesome, I am sure.  So I am so excited to put this together.  New bathrooms, here we come!

Anyway,  the weekend is almost over.  Busy week ahead but I am ready for it.  🙂
Hope you have a great week!

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