Rain, Football, Soccer, Laundry, Diarrhea …

I remember being a newlywed and playing this “game” with Sanj… If we were in a boat together and you could only save one person, who would you save, your mom or me?”  You’ve played it with different with different scenarios, right?

Last night as I was putting away laundry, the older boys and I were watching House.  I love House and haven’t watched it in a long while.  I was surprised to see House and Cuttey together (finally) and even more surprised to see him soften when with her.

The episode was about parents making a choice.  They had to choice to shorten the life span of an already sick son so that they sister could live or do they do nothing and both children would die.

Sammy looked at me… “What would you do? If that was me and Max”  Funny… Max, my younger, easy going child who does not cause much grief or… Sammy!  Sammy had been a major pain in the butt all evening.  He kept harping… “What would you do??? You’d pick Max wouldn’t you?”

Funny how life is, isn’t it?  I told Sammy that was an impossible decision for a parent to make.  It was not even conceivable for me to think of an answer.  In the show, the son is ultimately the one that made the decision for all, including his sister.

Sammy came down this morning, still on the question.  He asked Sanj.   Sanj looked at him and said with a smile, “Of course, we’d pick Max, you have already lived a nice life longer than Max!”

That shut Sammy up!  lol

My office is almost done.  This afternoon I’ll be able to put the furniture back in.  I’ll post a picture… but it will be with out the wall hangs and pictures up.  I am ready to write.  Now I just need to get Josh back to school.

He is home today, again.  Last night he had a constant stream of diarrhea…  it was colorless… Josh said he has invisible poop.  Today had stomach pains.  Of course our doctor is out of town today.  I had a little fear go through me, wondering if it was appendicitis.  Probably not.  Yet the fear was there nevertheless.

I can’t believe September is almost over.   Thanksgiving is just around the corner!  I am wondering if we can forget about the Turkey and all the traditional foods and cater Indian, like we did this weekend.  It was so simple and yummy!  I am going to suggest that my in-laws have Thanksgiving over there this year.  I usually do it… but think that it might be nice to just go and bring my couple of things and relax.  Or not.  I dunno.  My sister-in-law is busy with work.  My mother-in-law seems to be tired to do this… so … where does it leave it?  Back to the idea of catering Indian food… sounds yummy!

Today the boys have games… thankfully Jordan and Max’s soccer tournament is postponed till tomorrow.  Tyler has a football game at 1:30 p.m.  It is a rainy day, grey and foggy.  “Mommy, you are coming to watch, right?”  (Did you know that football is my least favorite sport?  I just don’t get it… all the downs… WHY?)  I got into the van this morning and noticed that my sweet Sanj left me his huge golf umbrella.  

Then Sammy has a soccer game after school.  Did I mention it is rainy, cool, foggy and yucky outside?  It is the perfect day for laundry!

Sigh.  Guess I will be a soccer/football mom today and all day tomorrow!  Yahoo me!

I realize that God has a sense of humor.  He gave me six boys, all adorable and lovable and sports-loving!  Haha!

Oh well, it is all good.  I love my boys.  Maybe I’ll be a football loving mama yet!

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