Baby Steps

This morning I had my Social Media Lesson #2 by the guru himself,  I was excited to spend some time on things that sounded very easy.  Well… 2 hours later, I can tell you that I am frustrated.  All I wanted was to change my blog template to a funky one that I really liked that had all the features I was looking for.  Nope, apparently that was too much to ask for!!!
A website that I needed to open up refused to open 2 hours later.  So, I am felt full of desire and yet very frustrated.  I almost feel like a man!  lol  Sigh.  There is nothing worse for me than to have ideas and not have them pan out immediately.
Grrrr… It is now 11:30 a.m. I have nothing to show for my morning of work.  I have kids home and lunch to be made and then to top it off, have to cart them off to the dentist.  I wanted to make butter chicken for supper tonight but am not sure that will be the case either.
I am whining.  I am so frustrated.  It all sounded so simple on the phone.  Yet when I go the new template on my blog, there was no obvious way to change the pictures from the skinny models in their skimpy outfits to ones of my boys.  I hate not being computer savvy.  
I don’t know if I am even on the right path.  Do I have things that people want to hear?  Can I make it as a author, writer and speaker?  On my Twitter page, my brother wrote motivational speaker.  I was balking at that… yet I believe that if given the chance I can indeed do this.  I already have a list of things that I can speak on.  I just need an opportunity.  🙂  Yet with that comes traveling… is my family ready for this?
I have to much on the go.  That is half the problem.  I am always mom first, then there is the bathroom project that must be finished.  This  means that the Indian Dinner and the Christmas Craft Show must be done…so that the money is there to finish the bathrooms.  As the bathrooms are being taken care of, there is Christmas shopping that needs to be done.  Oh, actually, there is Jordan’s and Max’s birthdays first.
In the midst of all this, I need to write.  Just write.  There is so much that is bubbling in my brain that I am feeling on overdrive.  Yikes.
Right now, I need to get off my bum and shower.  Step 1.  Then lunch.. then call the fix-it guy to tell me that my dryer is just a small, cheap problem.  Then supper to be made,  a 2:30 dentist appointment, pick up the my high school guys, supper, youth group and a dance… and make sure the other 4 babes of mine are having a good day too.
Guess step one is to get off this computer so that I can move on to step 2!
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