Trick or Treat!

How is it already noon… I was finishing up a book, doing laundry and watching Josh eat his candy non-stop… waiting for me to say “No More!”  He was in heaven.  I even let him eat on my bed… knowing that this will make me change my sheets… 

Yesterday, Halloween, was freezing!  It was 0 degrees as the boy and I walked house to house in our old neighborhood.  We really liked this neighborhood and if it was not for the lack of space, inside and outside of this house, we would still be there.  (Well, maybe).

I was so glad that the boys were freezing enough that we finished relatively quickly.  There is Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… my kids often wonder how come there isn’t kid’s day… well I am thinking that Halloween is a Kid’s Day!  Dress up and Candy…what more can you ask for?

Apparently we had only one kid at our house, that came by on ATV… he said each house gave him LOTS of candy since he was the only one.  Good plan, eh?

This year since we didn’t stay our long, there isn’t an insane abundance of candy… usually I gather it all in a box after a couple of days and slowly it disappears or is forgotten about.

Happy Trick or Treat!

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