The Hairy Issue!

The older I get, the more concerned I am with my hair.  I used to only have to worry about it being too curly or straight.  Usually it was doing the opposite of what I wanted.  In university, it was long and very straight… so I had a perm  (OK..wait, that was when a perm was cool, lol).  I still love my hair from university days.  It was long, lush (missing that…) and I never worried about it.  

As I creep up into the middle age years, my hair is a pain.  It is thin and still continues to fall out more than the occasional stand.  I fine this disturbing.  

I have blogged about this before but usually you see older women with short hair.  I don’t look good in short hair.  As the grey hairs peek through, more so each month, I am vain enough to have this on my things I worry about a lot.

This article about Why Can’t Middle Age Women Have Long Hair? in the New York Times got my attention.  Why can’t we?  Who is to say it is a fashion mistake?  There are over 1200 comments on this site… I love it.  There is quite a variety of opinions.  I really enjoyed reading to as many as my ADHD self would let me.

What do you think?  I guess I hate that my hair is losing its once natural glory.  lol  I hate that I see spots that are thinning and obsess about it.  Even as I type this, I am thinking that tomorrow I need to make a appointment with my hairdresser to get a trim.  I do wear my hair longer, it is longer than shoulder length and always long enough to be in a pony tail.  Yet I have been cutting it a little shorter to give it a false sense of fullness.

SInce I am behind the camera, there aren’t a lot of pictures of me, especially ones I like enough to post… but this is a picture of me having a good hair day…   What will my hair be like in 10 years?  I have a beautiful cousin, 10 years my senior… who wears her hair long… and its so natural that I don’t about it.  She is my inspiration!  

Are you a long haired lady?  What’s your opinion?
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