According to Internet Slang.com PONED is an acronym for  “Powerfully owned, dominated.”  

Sammy got PONED today by his brothers.  If my Tyler loses it … especially at Sammy… then it is well deserved.

I stopped at the grocery store that is minutes from home.  I was gone 5 minutes.  Max came in with tears in his eyes say Sammy was choking him and put him on the ground.  This is the video my Max took of the PONING.  Yes, I am driving.  Yes, I was looking for cops, prepared to say, “Just book ’em.”  (Really we were 2 seconds from home… )

This is life with boys.  This is life with my boys.  This is a audio visual of my son getting poned by his brother! lol

This short blog post is dedicated to my social media guru, my brother, www.rajkumardixit.com.

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