I feel as if I am drowning in the list of chores that has my name on it.  I can’t think straight!  It is freezing outside!!!  I slipped on my flip flops to run the kids to school in my pajamas.  There was frost on the ground and on my windshield.   Brrrr…  My toes are still defrosting.

Getting the boys up today was horrible.  Half didn’t want to go to school.  Tyler isn’t enjoying high school.  He is such an intense child.  It is so frustrating and yet heart breaking.  Life is so hard.  Stress and anxiety just over take him.  He worries so much.  Today he just didn’t want to go.  Half the problem is that he doesn’t really talk about his worries and stresses.  He doesn’t share the woes of being him.  I realize that part of this is being a teenager but the other part is just him.   If I were to guess, I’d say that socially things are frustrating.  There is so much that happens in a day and despite how little it really is, when you are in it, it is huge.

I feel for him.  I know that being in high school is not easy.   For him, I know that he is going to shine.  It just might be after these four years of high school.  I am not sure what is floating in his head.  I wish I could know, so I could help or at least understand.

This child of mine has always been an old soul.  So while Sammy can laugh off the rudeness of his peers… Tyler is usually appalled by it.  He does not know what to do with it.  I am sure he feels as if he is on the outs looking in.  He is finding his friends changing.  He is my child that does not do well with change.

Then there is Josh… “I don’t want to go to school.”  Today, I think it was more about him being tired.  I was out last night, doing the hockey thing and gym thing with some of the boys.  Josh doesn’t  go to sleep with out me well.  So, understandably he was tired.  A little bribery of candy in his lunch did help.  I keep worrying about how in the world he will be able to handle next year… Grade 1 all day?!!!  I am so that change will happen and  maturity.  I hope so, or else it is going to be miserable for everyone involved!

Glad so many of you enjoyed The Poning episode.  Max is hilarious.  He has a real sense of humor and it is so natural.  I am not sure what to say aside from my boys are very rambunctious.  There is something going on at some point.  There is a constant mix of personalities.  There is so much testosterone floating around here that it is no wonder I am forever needing a wax!

Yesterday I was getting gas in between picking up my high school crew and the elementary crew.  As I was paying for gas, this man looked at me and said, “Are they all yours?”  Mind you, I only had Sammy, Tyler and Josh.  “Yes, I said and that is only half of them.”  Normally I wouldn’t elaborate but I said, “I have six boys.”

This man says, “Don’t you guys have blankets in the winter?”  Of course it took me a minute to realize that he was saying… haha… and I said, ” You aren’t saying anything new.  I have heard it all.”

Really?  What makes people say things like that?  A piece of me wanted him to feel dumb for opening his mouth.  I only had three with me and he thought that was a hand full.  

I am always a little amazed at the freeness of a person’s mouth.  I am the first to say that I am a pretty open person.  Yet there are things that I would not say or ask someone I didn’t know.  Really!  Besides, what does blankets have to do with anything?

Oh well… I am off… Jordan forgot his project, gotta drop that off.   I told Tyler I would take him for lunch… which is in an hour… then I really need to go to the office.

I was begging Sanj to fire me… and he said, “You aren’t going to find another job that pays you $1000 an hour.”  Really?  Wow…  I guess I’d better go in.  Now… if it really was that much, I’d be in all the time!

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