Wanna Make Out?

Today, while pumping gas, I was offered to make out  with the guy in the vehicle next to me!

I admit, being 40 something, I don’t get these offers everyday! lol  He said, “Just give me a call if you want to make out!”

It’s Christmas, my favoritest time of year!  It just allows one to give and not be looked upon strangely.  You know? (Although, being looked upon strangely is something I am so used to!!!)

So, after picking up the boys from school, I stopped by the gas station (yah, the property I have my eyes on), took a breath, as I ventured into the -14 degree Celicus weather!  Brrrr.  My older boys weren’t with me, or I would have sent them out.

Beside me was a beater, similar to the ones I had many a year.  Both the driver and passenger were on their knees, doors open, looking for any change they could find.  These were young laddies, I’d say early 20s, obviously on their way home from work.

“Do you need money for gas?”  I asked the guys.

“We’re OK… ” replied the driver.

In his hand he had $5 and the passenger lifted his head out of the car and yelled he found another 11 cents.  The price of gas right now in my town is $1.07 a liter.  $5 may get them around the corner.

“My treat, ” I said, “10 bucks more on me.”

They didn’t believe me.  I told them I was serious.  I said, “Merry Christmas!”

The passenger said, “Anytime you want to make out, call me.”

This proposition really did fluster me.  Shoot, just for the offer I really should have filled up their car!  (I really should have but they looked so uncomfortable accepting $10… plus, I can only image sex being offered for a fill up!)

The driver was a little more cool and expressed his gratitude, saying that this would get him to work and back tomorrow and then he would be good.  I assume Friday must be payday.  He said, “I hope I see you here again, so I can fill up your vehicle.”

Sweet, eh?  They tooted their horn in gratitude.  I hope that someday, when they are grown up, or have an extra buck kicking around that they will pass it on.  Pay it forward!

Remember last year, I wrote about my beggars, Abby and Joe… and the $100 gift card?  I still see them and realize this is their career.  I still don’t feel bad doing it.  My kids learned a great lesson.  I felt all warm and fuzzy.  And… hopefully if Abby and Joe really did have 5 kids, they got a turkey dinner.

I know many of you do this all the time.  I love stories like this.  So, here’s my challenge, take a moment and share your act of  kindness especially over this season of giving.

Merry Christmas Boys from the gas station!

As a parent, I am sure we all hope that if our kids were ever without, that someone would be their angel.

Beside, while I am sure I no doubt made their day, they also made mine!



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