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Last night was a Grey night!

Last night I was geared up to watch my show… Grey’s Anatomy.  The younger boys were in bed,  older ones at youth group and the Pete’s game and Sanj was at board meeting.  I was set.  As I flicked through the channels, Grey’s was not to be found!  BOO!

It is my one show, all week.  I don’t watch much t.v. these days.  I used to watched tv as my thing to relax.   Maybe I am getting older but tv is just not what it used to be.  I find myself diving into a book to run away from the stresses of the week.

Last night, I was so disappointed.  No Grey’s.  The world didn’t end, surprisingly, but I was highly annoyed to see that it was Barbara Walters who was there in that time.

I find her, Barbara Walters, annoying.  Being mean, I find her cheekbones weird, almost like there is a line that connects to her mouth.  Weird.  I watched because she was interviewing Oprah.

In the late 80s, I begin watching Oprah.  My brother and I watched faithful, for years.  Sometime in the last decade, I stopped as I found her arrogant and that she had become too fu fu.  Yet, the reality is that Oprah was life changing for me as a teen.

It was while watching Oprah, that I understood that what we were living with at home was not normal.  My mom was a Battered Woman.  We were children that were living and being abused.  This was not normal nor was it accepted.  It was wrong.  I learned so much about life from this show.   I learned about abuse.  Sexual, emotional and physical abuse.  I learned that there was hope and life outside my home with my parents could be very good.

It was at this point that I began seeking a future…  that I had hope, that I knew that I had to leave home.  My parents always planned on me to go to Andrews (the church university that I did go to in Michigan).  When I realized that this was also an escape, I didn’t fight it.  I saw it as my way out.

I suppose there are many that wanted to be Oprah… my brother had his Kumar Winfrey show.  I had my dream of being on her show with my book.  I had the dreams of just going to her show.

As I watched her last night, being interviewed by Barbara, I had many thoughts going through my head.  I thought that with hard work, God given talent and giving up many things, one can obtain huge things.  I also thought that it is only natural when one is as famous and powerful as Oprah, it is only natural to have arrogance.

I think that what bothered me that most was her comment about marriage and children.  I think that as much as Oprah has, she missed out on the love and beauty of motherhood.  Of course, I will be the first to say, it is hard.  Darn hard work.

Barbara W. said to Oprah, that if she every had doubts of not being a mom, to just call her.  Barbara was saying her own daughter resented that she was not there as a mom and that she choose her career over motherhood.  Barbara doesn’t deny this.

Maybe there are people that really shouldn’t be parents.  Oprah made the comment that if she had married Stedman, they would have been divorced by now.  She said in marriage, there are expectations.

Yes, there are.  In marriage there is security.  There is the promise to love, honor and cherish.   There are expectations.  I found this comment funny, weird… for someone that is willing to work so hard… that marriage would seem to be too hard.

So… here’s the thing…  I was highly annoyed with missing Grey’s.  I am grateful there was the Oprah Show.  I am grateful at the effects it had on my life.  I am bothered by some of who Oprah is today… but that is why I don’t watch her anymore.

Yet I do appreciate the many stories over the years that were inspiring.  I wonder who will fill that spot now?

Who will be there next Oprah?

Hum… Maybe there could be a Reema Sukumaran Show…

I have my own show happening everyday!

It’s a wonderful life, isn’t it?

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2 Responses to The Reema Sukumaran Show

  1. Sandy says:

    I would so watch your show!!!!

  2. Reema says:

    Thank YOU! 🙂 Now, to just get a show! 🙂

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