My Wish Is His Command!

It’s 9:07 am and I am still in bed!

(I love this picture of Josh, even though it is out of focus.  How I love this child).

My favourite kind of morning!  Last night we were out and didn’t get home till after 10 pm.  Pooped!  Our church was showing “How to Train Your Dragon” so the younger boys and I went while Max and Sanj went to hockey and Sammy and Tyler… well, they are teenagers with a whole life!

It’s a great movie.  I have only heard this movie many times in the van but never seen it.  Cute!  We got home and there in my door way was a new TV.   I mentioned to Sanj that I really wanted a working tv and dvd for our bedroom… our tv is on the blinks with the color all distorted and issues with being able to watch movies etc.  My Saturday nights, when Sanj is at hockey are spend watching a girlie flick and I have really missed that!

This is my husband… my wish is his command! Love this guy! HD just keeps getting better and better.  Kind of scary how clear ones face can look!

Remember my broken dryer… well it is still broken.  Here’s my issues… why is it that so often tradesmen do not do what they say they will?  I don’t think I am stereotyping because it seems to happen over and over.  First of all, my saying that this was an emergency didn’t seem to matter.  It took over a week for the dude to get back.  Then he didn’t come when he said yesterday.  Today, he called saying that he was going to be later, after I rushed home to meet him.  Then he seemed to be annoyed that he was here after hours.  DUDE… I have 6 boys, many many loads of laundry just waiting for me.  After doing whatever, he was surprised that it was still not working.  THE MOTOR!  Grrr… now I am waiting till Monday.  I really feel that we could have bought one in this time… but apparently we are still cheaper with fixing this one.  Do you know that we have a lot of clothes?  I put them into bags and counted 10… 10 bags of dirty laundry.  Of course this means sheets and towels too.  I am feeling a melt down in the works.  Again… my sweet husband, who know doubt, does not want to be in the laundry mat more than me told me to take it to wash, dry and fold service.  This better not be my Christmas present! lol

Yesterday, Josh and I went to Play Street for a play date for the both of us.  We were having a great time.  Josh was enjoying playing with his buddies and I was enjoying chatting with my girlfriend.  All of a sudden there was this wind of air that flew by me.  Another mom was in in a huff, saying, “Your child just pushed mine.”  Then she went over to Josh and in a not so nice tone told him not to touch her son.  I was in a little bit of a shock.  Was this all so necessary?

Of course, now, my girlfriend and I had our eyes glued on the boys.  Funny, what we saw was her son bothering Josh.  He was taking away the car Josh was already on.  He was pulling on Josh.  Her other son was out of control and every where.  Hum… really they were all just being kids.  If Josh pushed her son off, it was simply to pull away.  The other boy just wanted to play and was not sure how to do so.

Funny, isn’t it?  It is always that kind of parent that reacts.  Watch  your own kid, lady!  Please don’t speak to my kid like that.  Actually, please don’t speak to my kid.  Tell me.  I have to admit, I wanted to turn around and stick my tongue out.  Well, actually I wanted to show her one of my fingers.

I am so not a reactive person, especially when it comes to my kids and play.  I understand that kids are kids.  They will work it out.  I also usually encourage the boys to walk away rather than engage in confrontation, whenever necessary.  She, that mean lady, kind of messed up my play date.

Sigh.  It’s all good.  I feel sorry for her.  These kinds of people are usually lonely because they lack the necessary social skills to survive in society.

Josh… please don’t push.  Please be a good boy.  Share.  Please don’t fight back.  Walk away.  Be a good boy.  Please.

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2 Responses to My Wish Is His Command!

  1. Sandy says:

    Both my washer and dryer were out once when I still had all my kiddies at home. I totally relate to the 10 bags of laundry… I had a MOUNTAIN in my kitchen corner…. This was with my 1st husband and we were in marriage counseling at the time, the counselor told my husband to get me a new set… and for once he listened 🙂

  2. Reema says:

    Our dryer isn’t at the point of replacing… just dealing with unreliable fix it man… hopefully he will come through for me tomorrow. Sanj took the laundry to a wash, dry and fold service! I was so happy!

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