It’s the best way to wake up in the morning….

To a winter wonderland!  There is something spectacular about the whiteness, such beauty!  It snowed a ton!  Not a 100 cm but I will take it.  It is so fresh and crisp.  The boys didn’t waste any time getting out into it.  It is just 0 degrees out… so it is very mild.

Thank goodness Sanj put up the rink yesterday.  It was mild and not windy as it had been other years.  This is will my sweet husband’s worry the next 4 months… keeping the rink alive.  He is the pro.  He is Dad #1!

It’s now later evening.  I am working on supper… a simple broccoli, rice, chicken and cheese casserole, with my little spin of chili flakes and spices.  Yum!  Add bread and it’s a meal!

Last night we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  It was a fun, relaxing night.   I really enjoyed the adult time out.  🙂  We used to do this more often but now Sanj plays hockey on Saturday night.  There just never is time, it seems.  Time…

Due to the snow and yucky road conditions, my sweet hubby chaffuered me into town to do the necessary errands that I was  needing to do.  He also took the laundry to a wash, dry and fold service.  Needless to say, I was delighted!  Hopefully the dryer will be fixed 100% tomorrow!

We first went to the mall so I could pick up the Christmas cards I ordered… Sanj was able to slip in a haircut and Zachary got his shopping done.  We simply took the 2 younger ones with us.  Our little 2.2 family for the afternoon!

Zachary has been saving his $40 that he got from his aunties.  He wanted to spend it on a present for each of his brothers.  What a generous heart!  I love this kid’s insides!  He is kind, generous and thoughtful.  As we stood in line to pay for his goodies, he saw the ladies sweatshirts and said, “Do you want to pick one up for yourself, mom?”  Did I say I love this kid?

Josh has been asking if Santa can hear him?  I think he is confusing Jesus hearing his prayer to crossing over to the whole Santa thing.  Very funny!  Then he asked about the elves… I think he sees them as he does the angels!

The three gifts… A WANT, A NEED and a SURPRISE!  I got this from a blog I stumbled upon.  It goes well with what I am trying to accomplish.  Reducing the amount of unnecessary stuff and waste-age.

It’s Sunday night… everyone is in there nooks, playing videos games, reading and what not.  Soon the week begins with the rat race…

Are you ready?

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