Wanted: A Filter

Yesterday, while shopping for groceries…

I picked up the ingredients for Monster Cookies!  Have you had them, especially fresh out of the oven?  Absolutely DELICIOUS!  It has all my favorite ingredients: Chocolate, M&Ms, Oats.  I didn’t make them yesterday… but hope to get to it today.

My list of things to do include:

Addressing and mailing our Christmas Cards.  (I never get cards that say Merry Christmas because I know it will not likely make it before Christmas!)

I have a bunch of packages that I need to put together and mail as well.

I have all the office gifts that need to be wrapped and organized.

I have our gifts that need to be wrapped and organized, too.

I need to go get Sanj’s gift… well, one of them.

There is the never-ending tidying up.

There is supper…


It’s all good, though.  I have to pick up our laundry from the laundry mat and then there will be the endless task of sorting and putting away.

I have a little project for the moms (mine and Sanj’s)… putting together an album for them.  Thank Goodness for the hour photo people!!!

There is so much that I want/need to get done in a day!  I am really looking forward to the New Year where I will actively begin the much talked about writing of my book.  My mom will be here for a bit and so I hope to write her stuff too.

Of course this means me taking NO NEW PROJECTS!  I am hoping that once the never-ending bathrooms are finished… I will have the self control to bury myself in my office and write away.  I am sure that once I actually get into it, I will be hooked.

I am so excited about this!   I also have another project that I want to do… publish my blog into a book… just for me.  There are different companies that do this.  Yet, this means me going through the blog and fixing it up a bit.  It will be a gift to my boys someday, I am sure.  They can see into the mind of their mama.  Scary… I know.

Last night, as the boys were downstairs watching a movie or something, Sanj and I were sitting in the family room, enjoying a fire and the Christmas tree.  Max was there, playing on his iPod.  I mentioned that the talk would be happening soon.  We were laughing and and chatting and the atmosphere was so relaxed.

I said, “Max, let’s have the talk right now since Daddy is here too.”

It was the funniest thing!  I am not sure who was stressed out more… Max, who shot out of his seat or Sanj, who changed three different shades in three seconds! lol

Max said, “Ah, I want to be taken out of school and to lunch.”  (As is the tradition, his 3 older brothers have had before him).

After Max wondered off, I begin telling Sanj the talk.  I told him that since he is too chicken to be part of the talk, at least maybe he would like to know what I said.  (Insert his very discombobulated face here).  And I began… “When moms and dads are married… and love each other, sometimes they show each other…”

As I was finishing up, Sanj looked at me and asked, “Do you not have a filter?”  LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!

Me, a filter?  Apparently not.  This is one of the reasons he loves me so much!  No filter!  Whatcha see is whatcha get!

Happy Monday!!!

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2 Responses to Wanted: A Filter

  1. Red says:

    LOL! At work, we call it the “brain-mouth filter”…. (just cuz you think it doesn’t mean it should be said). Some people have a filter, some don’t. I guess Sanj is saying you don’t!

  2. Reema says:

    I do have a filter… lol… it is just whether I chose to use it or not! I assume Sanj can handle my unfiltered thoughts! lol 🙂

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