This Year I Promise To…

Mondays are home days for me…

I don’t have to drive the boys to school.   (Thank you, Darlene for  this gift!)  So it is usually a  pajama day till later in the morning.  Josh loves to have this time to just relax instead of me dragging him here and there.   After the boys are off, I usually go on my computer and blog.

Josh hates being away from me, from people, in general.  He is a natural chicken by nature.  If he is in a room alone, he will holler and find where someone is and move all his toys to that spot.  Today, he found me in my office.  Instead of just sitting on the carpet or better yet, on the comfy chaise lounger… (nope… that is too far)  he climbs into the chair with me.  This youngest of mine, is by no means a little boy.  This chair is not made to two or even half of another body.  I can’t even move my hands to type.  He is with me.

He is such a silly boy.

I have been planning things I want to accomplish this holiday.  I love that school is over just before Christmas… so this allows for me to try and get everything ready before the boys are home for their break.  Then in a few days, it’s Christmas!  Then we have the rest of the break to relax and play.

We usually have a New Years Eve party.  I really want to have a New Years Brunch instead.  Yet… it has become tradition.  I am sure the boys would rather be up late and feel like they are partying then just have folks over for brunch.

The rink is up and judging from the weather the next days, it will be ready for the kids to skate on New Years Eve.  We bought a hot tub for a week at an auction.  I am thinking of getting it, if it available for New Years.  We will see.

Then there is the good ole New Years resolutions…

Do you make New Years Resolutions?

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