Wanted: Just Half a Million

I suppose complaining about my child is not a real motherly thing to do.  

Sorry.  I just get frustrated.  Around me, there are all these families with their perfect children.  How do they do it?  I blame the gene pool!  I do love my kids, every last one of them.  I actually love them to pieces. 

Today  I was rushing the kids out the van door, trying really hard to get them into their classrooms before they were marked tardy… again.  Josh, as usual, is puttering.  He jumps down the van, looks at me, I say, “Bye Josh.  Love you.”  He climbs back up… (as I am protesting that he run inside) comes and purses his lips and smooches me.  Then he gives me a prolonged hug.  Oh my goodness.  What’s another tardy added to the mix?  How much I love his love!

Yesterday, I was working on Sanj’s blog and Facebook Fan Page, I was looking at his website.  I was looking at it from a consumer’s eye, a mom’s eye and jointing down things to change or make better.  At the bottom of the web site, there is a link for a free hearing test.  I took the test.  The last setting was 8000hz.  I couldn’t hear it.  I felt a bit panicked.  OH MY GOSH… I have a hearing loss!  Do you know how much panic I can do in the span of 10 seconds?  A lot!  Remember, I have the mind of someone with ADHD.  I felt so panicked.  I see huge success with hearing aids.  I also know that my husband would fit me with the top of the line product.  I called his office.  “Could you  tell Sanj to call me asap?”  I waited.  Anxious.  Then I realized that my volume was turned down.  lol  Oops.  I retook the test.  I could hear!  Sigh.   Thank you, Jesus.

Today I am off to shop for the office gifts.  I love spending money, especially when it is not mine!  A great gift for the reader:  A warm  throw, a bottle of wine, a scented candle or two and a gift card to the local bookstore.  Movie passes for a family is a good gift for men from the business, as it includes their family.  Of course there is the 10 lb Toberone Bar!  🙂

What else to write about?  Not much… oh wait!  I had this great idea!  The entrepreneur in me has awakened.  I have always wanted to be the owner of a Tim Horton.  Not sure why, as I am not a coffee drinker.  There is this gas station dump right by the school of the boys.  The location is prime for travelers… to the cottage or getting on the highway.  It’s a bit of property too.  The building would have to be torn down.  Did I say it is the perfect stop for this coffee shop?  As I share my thoughts with Sanj, he just smiles his indulging smile.  “Sure dear!”  Now I just need that half a mil… if you are looking to invest… this is one of my dreams!  Feel free to email me @ sukreema@hotmail.com

Already…  I am off to hit the stores!  Happy Tuesday to you!

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