The White Stuff…

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…

It’s definitely a snowy one this Christmas!  I am not a huge fan of winter…  I think what I dislike most is how quickly darkness comes upon us every night.  If I don’t come straight home from picking up the boys, as is usually the case, it is dark when we pull into our driveway.  I dislike the cold wetness that comes with snow.  There is always a trail of salty footprints on the hardwood in the family room.  I hate when snow gets into my boots and I have wet socks the rest of the day.

Oh, there are plenty of woes to living in a country known for its winter wonderland.  Yet this is where we live.  If it is going to be winter, if it is going to be cold, there may as well be snow.  My boys love the white stuff.  They love being in it.  Snowballs are always happening.  Yesterday, Sammy threw a snowball at me in the kitchen from upstairs.  Huh?  I won’t even begin to guess why or where that snow ball came from upstairs!

Being the boys they are, snow just means forts, skiing, skating, hockey… it means playing outside.  I love watching the boys on the rink, a boom box blaring and they’re acting like they’re having a pool party on ice.  There are always a pile of coats, discarded of to the side of the rink as they build up a sweat.  Dinner means coming in, putting skate guards on and eating.  It is too much work to take off the skates and re-tie those crazy laces.

Snow means my boys are busy.  Snow means I have tired boys ready for bed sometimes before bed!  I love tired boys!  I love knowing that they had a good day.    I love looking out the window…. it is so beautiful!  The whiteness just looks so pure.

I still love the anticipation of a snow day.  Remember waking up and looking outside and then waiting?  That is such a great moment when you hear your school’s name!  The boys school now has no snow days… ( which is ridiculous … but I won’t begin).  So… if the high school boys’ buses are cancelled… it’s a snow day.  We live in the country.  We live in a snow belt.  It is always 10xs worse.  If the buses are not driving… I am sure it is not safe for me to drive my bus.

Snow means rink!  They go hand in hand.  If it is snowing, it means it’s cold enough to possibly freeze.  The rink is my husband’s other full time job.  Only if you have built a rink, do you realize that it is like another child.  It needs constant attention to survive.  It needs watering, shoveling and tender loving care.  If you are lucky enough, you have moments of  the Perfect Ice… I think that means it is like crystal.  (I personally don’t get it… )  The boys aren’t allowed on the perfect ice for bits while Sanj preens and glows with pride.  Then the boys are on it…scarring the surface with their sharp blades. lol

The ice is one of the places where male bonding happens.  Nothing but ice, skates and sticks, hockey sticks that is.  It’s where they deek, check and score.  It really is another whole world out there.

So.. as we count down 8 more sleeps till Christmas… I am grateful that  it’s going to be a white one this year!  🙂

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