The Sleepover…

No Girls Allowed…

Remember those signs on club houses when you were a kid?

This is a post I have been meaning to write and keep forgetting!  While I was in Michigan for my girls weekend away…. Sanj had quite the experience being a single dad for the weekend.

Saturday, my hubby calls me and says, “This morning I had the worst nightmare!”  I thought he meant literally… a bad dream.  Yet he meant he awoke to his (our) nightmare as parents.. well, one of the many!

Friday night, Sanj had bought the boys pizza.  He told them (Sammy) no pizza downstairs.  Sanj, being the morning person he is, was in the kitchen at 7 in the morning.  Noticing a pizza box missing in action, he went  down the stairs, ready to reprimand Sammy about food in the basement.

Sanj went  downstairs and saw Sammy sleeping on the sofa.  This isn’t anything new, as he often falls asleep watching something.  Yet as Sanj is about to holler about the pizza, he is stopped in his tracks.  There on the floor is another body.  It’s a girl!

Oh wait… there’s another body… it’s a girl!  Oh… and another one!  Yup… Sammy was sound asleep surrounded by three sleeping beauties.  I truly wish I could have seen Sanj’s face.  That would have been truly priceless!!!

He said, “Girls!!! Wake up!  Sammy!”

The girls were out!  As he looked closer he noticed that they were all in there coats.  Weird!  As Sanj interrogated  Sammy about the preposterous situation, Sammy said that the girls had texted him that they wanted to come over at 6 am that morning.

Sanj told me that he had been up that night (no doubt missing me) and noticed as he looked out the window that they had the tv on next door.  He figured that they had done an all-nighter and then had the bright idea to come hang with Sammy.  Sammy being the child that he is, welcomed them in.  Sanj being a sound sleeper was oblivious to it all.

Sammy begged Sanj to keep calm and let him get rid of the girls.  They had the sense to escape through the basement door that led out into the garage.

Sammy was then read the riot act as to how this was a bad choice!   Sanj was totally shaken with the fact that he was in an all male house with 3 strange girls.  Needless to say, the not thinking straight child was made aware of all the ways this was not a smart choice.

Later, as we were talking about it, Tyler pips up… “Sammy, next time you have this happen, come and wake me up!”

Remember those girls I mentioned in a previous blog… those from the neighbour next door and the ones around the block?  Well, they haven’t been around.  Let’s hope it stays that way.  Can I ask again, WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?

Sammy is a boy after my own heart.  Life’s a party, isn’t it?


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