It’s a Good Life…

One of the gifts in life is trials.

Did I just say that?  For much of my younger years, I was forever complaining to God about the unfairness of the woes in my life.

Over the years, as I grew older, I began to see my trials in life as a gift.  Of course I could only see it as a gift, once I rode out the valley.

I learned so many lessons along the way.  I learned about patience. (Sometimes God doesn’t answer a prayer for years).   I learned about hurts. (You know, the big ones that hurt your heart sometimes forever)?  I learned about disappointments.  (Sometimes God’s answer is  no and that is a hard pill to swallow).  I learned about having faith.  (I also learned about losing faith).

There are so many lessons that having a life full of valleys taught me.  It truly made me a surviver.  I believe that not matter what life throws my way, I will survive.  I have survived.

Here’s the thing…  I have realized that these trials made me who I am today.  I can understand and empathize with others pains.  I can understand the hard life.

Did you know there are people who can’t?  I realize that those that have had an easy life find life… real life, hard.  The littlest thing sets them back.  The littlest stress is a life event.  Their child getting the chicken pox is drama.  There is a draw back to the perfect life…  one does not understand empathy.  One does not understand pain.  The smallest thing is painful.

Being this person as an adult is hard.  It’s  a trial all on its own, I am thinking.  This kind of person doesn’t even see themselves in this light.  They can’t.

Recently, I was talking about the challenges of raising teenagers.  The person talking to me said they had a good life and a relatively easy life.  What I realized was the naiveness of this person.  Here’s a person who is in their 50s, walking around thinking life was good for everyone.

Really?  He had no idea that my life was far from perfect and ideal.  Why would he just assume that?  He found it intriguing that my life was not easy.   He seemed to find pleasure in the fact that my boys give me a run for my money… daily.

Really?  I never met someone and assume they had an easy life.  I just wonder what their life was like.  I am usually fascinated with folks that do have the Norman Rockwell family.  I wonder how that is achieved.

Since I never had that life… I don’t know.  Yet I would say that they, with the perfect life are less equipped to deal with the realites of every day life.

Me,  I am actually at a place where I can thank God for the journey.  All of it.  Oh, there are parts that I’d like to skip through… but if this life journey has made me … then Thank You, Jesus.

Thank You for seeing me through the very hard times.  Thank You for the endless protection You blessed me with.  Thank You for the blessing of today.. the love, the joy and the family that I have.

You Win, God!  I am so glad that You are in the Driver’s Seat.

I love you!

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3 Responses to It’s a Good Life…

  1. Sandy says:

    Very well said and I wholeheartedly agree!! I am who I am because of my experiences…. and the trials are what smooth out the sharp corners which helps us to roll along easier.

  2. Arlene says:

    Reema, I couldn’t agree with you more!! I thought I had the “perfect” life and then reality kicked in. As you know, I also had huge trials and things that I would love to change! But as hard and extremely painful as it was, I too thank God for bringing me through it and making me into the woman I am today.

  3. Reema says:

    Ah… Arlene… and what a woman you are!

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