It’s the Season…

Do you send Christmas cards?

I have to say that one of the best things I love about Christmas is getting cards in the mail.

Oh, I know, there is the mass emails and Facebook greetings that I get from friends, yet there is something really special about getting a card in the mail.  In this day and age, there is never anything exciting in the mail.  The art of writing a note and putting it in the mail is long gone.   Those that do it are very special kinds of people.

I saw this comment on a facebook friend’s status:

Really trying to put some meaning into this…I needs your help answering this questions…Why do you really send Christmas cards?”

So, first I want to ask, do you send out cards?

I send out Christmas cards with a family picture on it… to a bunch of mismatch of people.  My aunts … this is their way of seeing my family at least once a year…

There are some family I send it to…

There are some friends I send it to…

All to say, I love you, miss you and am thinking of you… even if just once a year I take time to show it!

Half of them don’t send cards back… and that’s ok.

I never order cards that say “Merry Christmas” because I know that the likelihood of the cards being mailed on time is very little.  I have the best of intentions… yet usually find them being mailed between Christmas and New Years!


It’s the thought that counts, Right?

So, I am asking, do you mail Christmas cards out?

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