Potato Pancakes…

6 more sleeps!

Christmas is like a wedding… all the planning and prep and then the day comes… and then it is over, except there isn’t a honeymoon.   Aw… my boys are so excited.  I am so excited for them.

This weekend has been nice to be home.  Sanj has been taking the boys to hockey.  Then he comes back and works on the rink.  For hours yesterday, the boys (not so willingly) and Sanj took turns running up the hill to the rink and dumping the bin of water every 5 minutes to try and flood it and add coats of ice.  ( I am guessing this part).

This morning Josh is complaining quite loudly of a stomach pain.  It is constant and he is whining.  I have this trauma of appendicitis.  It was so stressful when Zach got his out.  The stress of watching him in pain, getting in and out of the bed.. the fear that was in his eyes as they tried to start the IV…

Then there is the fear of if this is real, I am so not ready for Christmas.  I am 80% done.  I have a few things to finish up over the next couple of days before the boys are off.  That is my personal deadline… Wednesday.

I want to get groceries, do some baking, and prep food for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day!

So, of course there is lots to do.  Fitting in an appendix removal isn’t in my plans.  Of course, more than likely Josh will be fine.

It’s snowing out lightly.  It is so beautiful.  My mom is here… and this means she has been doing laundry all day and night.  The bags of laundry that accumlated due to the broken dryer issue are all done.

I am glad she is here… except that she can’t sit still.  She finds something to cook or clean constantly.  This means I am feeling the need to clean too.  Ugh.  I better head to the book store and get her a good book that will occupy her.  ☺

Max has to make food from Lithuania.   Here’s my pet peeve with school… why give a kid a project that they are not going to be able to do themselves…  I am all for helping but really Max is not going to be making 30 potato pancakes himself… let’s add that this is the week of Christmas… hum… not really cool.

Actually I am annoyed.  It’s  Sunday afternoon, I just nagged and yelled to get the boys to finish putting all the clothes away…  and really all I want is to rest, well at least put my clothes away and tidy up my room.  Nope… potatoes are calling to be peeled and grated. Guess what we are going to have for supper?

Are you done your shopping?  Are you ready for Christmas?

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