Naked and Busted!

Silky panties are fancied in our house…

Did that grab your attention?  Lol, I was embarrassed to even write it!   Josh is never alone.   For some unknown reason, he is the biggest chicken ever.  He will never go willingly somewhere if he is not certain that somebody he loves is there.

“Can you come with me upstairs?” he is always asking, as he wants a toy or something.  I never worry about where he is because he is never far!  Since my mom is here, he is not as clingy.

Yesterday, I opened the door to my bathroom.  I was half expecting someone in there showering as it is usually not closed.  The door stopped opening so I peered around the door.  Imagine my shock and for that matter, Josh’s when I found him sitting on the floor.

There Josh was sitting, naked.  Well, actually he was sitting there wearing one of my silky panties.  Surrounding him was a slip and other garments, all made of that slippery, silky material.

He stuttered some unintelligible comment, looking embarrassed that I found him.  He looked guilty.  It was as if he knew he was doing something wrong.

Aw… my poor sweet boy.  He loves the feel of silkiness.  Whenever I put that material on, he is rubbing his hands on it feeling it/me.

“Do you like these clothes? I asked him.  He nodded.  It must suck to like that fabric and only find it in  your mom’s drawers.  I told him that when he is older, there are boxers that are made of that fabric for men.  He was a little to little for it now.

He looked pleased that there was hope in the future.

I still couldn’t get his look out of my head.  Such guilt… and embarrassment.

I told Sanj the story, giggling.  He was not giggling back.  He was very disturbed.

I heard Sanj later chatting withJosh… “Do you like wearing mommy’s panties?”


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