It’s Almost Time!

Christmas…  I love how it makes me feel inside…

I realize  that may sound a little corny… but I do.  I love that I am taking my boys out shopping for their brothers… and they put so much heart into some of their gifts.  I love how they forget about how much money they really have… and are thinking of the excitement and delight their brother will have getting such a great gift.

I love the thought and love behind gifts.  I love buying or making or putting together something for all those I love or who have touched my life in some way.

Tonight I gave Sanj one of  his present…  OK, this is tradition for us… I buy his present and then just can not wait to give it to him!  I just love giving him gifts.  He is one of the greatest gift in my life…  he has changed my life since  those days of him pretending to not know I was crazy for him…

Tradition is that I try really hard… I really do… to hide his gift, to wait until Christmas… I have given his gifts to friends to hold and not give in to my demands early.. yet every year, I give him one gift early.

Tonight was the night… Sanj was tired… fighting a cold and had to deal with his wife begging to give him a gift early…

He has lots of self-control.  He can wait with the best of them.

Me … not so much.

So tonight I gave him a present.

Why break tradition?

He loved it!

I love him.

What a gift… this man I am blessed to call husband and dearest friend.

Happy gift giving… remember it isn’t about the money… but the thought… make a plate of cookies… sprinkle some love on it… and touch someone’s heart.

By the way… I have LOVED, truly loved getting your cards. I have enjoyed reading your thoughts… they have touched me.  Thank you for being part of my life…. and good luck to each of you!


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