On the 2nd Day Before Christmas…


It’s the morning of the 24th!  My house is buzzing with excitement… my younger boys are so excited that they are just irritating everyone.  They don’t know what to do and all the things they can do, they don’t want to do!

So this morning I woke up,  (that sounds to0 simply… I never just wake up… Sanj is home so this means he is up early showering me with attention while I am trying to sleep in, then the younger ones start coming in, then the older ones  come in, all looking for a spot, Josh is walking across us… it is pure morning chaos, um, I mean bliss).  Back to waking up… eventually I came downstairs, went on my computer to  check my email and read the blogs I follow.  Awaiting me was this email:

“Reema, Happy holidays to you and your family.  I have only commented a couple of times on your blog but as I have told you before, I read daily.  Imagine my surprise today when I am called over from the regular bank window to the business window only to be cut off by a speedy Reema 🙂  I was not in any hurry but had to laugh as I thought to myself – “wow Reema in person”

First of all…  I really do love hearing from you, so please drop me a line anytime.  (sukreema@hotmail.com)

I was shocked.  I passed a reader and didn’t even remember what she looked like.  I just remember a blur as my thoughts were so jumbled.

So… I am going to explain..

Here’s how my morning yesterday went.  Josh is having 4 teeth pulled out due to teeth issues that have been on-going.  This surgury is scheduled for the 30th… next week.  We had to go into our family doctor to get his pre-op form all filled out.

Sammy and Tyler were with me because the teens they are, they had plans.  Early in the week, Sammy had bashed his hand into the board at hockey.  It was bruised and swollen.  Since he wasn’t complaining over the top, I didn’t think it was broken.  Yet since I was at the doctor’s, I decided to have it looked at just to be sure.

Of course, you know the drill, this meant an X-ray then waiting and more waiting.

Well, the X-ray revealed that it was indeed broken.  The doctor was going to splint it and wrap it up yet wanted to confer with the specialist.  More waiting.

Did I mention that beside this appointment, I had a million and one things to finish up?

The specialist looked at the X-ray and said that Sammy’s hand needed surgery to put a pin in  to make sure it healed properly.

Insert here a look of pure panic.

Surgery?  A pin? Surgery?

My poor sweet Sammy was trying to really hold it together.  This meant his hockey season is likely over.  For him… this means a big part of his world.

Well… as luck would have … there was no plastic surgeon on call.  Actually the reality of it is that there is only ONE plastic surgeon in our little town.  One just retired.  They were trying to figure out if we would need to go out of town.  The God thing was that the ONE in town is someone we know.  This doctor has children who go to our school.

Well, the long and short of it was that 2 and a half hours later, we were leaving with my boy’s hand wrapped awaiting the call from the doctor’s office next week.

After this … and dealing with a very disappointed son… well two of them, both of their plans were kabooshed… I ran into the bank to make sure that Sanj’s office deposit was done.

SO… my dear reader… I am so sorry that I cut you off.  My mind was so not there.

Next time… you’re in the bank…

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