Christmas is not a happy time for everyone.

I know that.  I have been getting letters that remind me that not everyone is feeling falalalala…

I already wrote that Christmas is full of mixed emotions for me.  I was humming “I’ll be Home for Christmas” in the shower… and was thinking of the day when we all are together in heaven.  Will we have Christmas there?

Imagine the party!

So, as I struggle to focus on the positives in my life… I have to take a moment every now and again and ask God to take the hurt and put it somewhere.  I have to ask God to be with those I love that aren’t here with me.

There is so much sadness and sorrow in this world, isn’t there?  If that is where your heart is this Christmas, please know that I am saying a prayer for you… that you are able to feel God’s love… it is so real.  You just need to allow yourself to be engulfed in His love.

Dear Jesus,

Happy Birthday!  Thank you for being the reason for this season.  Yet, in the midst of all the happiness, there are so many that struggle.  It is a time when pain, that pain that is constant, seems to be felt more and it hurts.

I ask that You wrap Your loving arms around those that need to feel Your love.  Please make Yourself real to those that need you.



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  1. Sandy says:

    I too have been thinking of those who are hurting. I have a dear friend who’s biological mother gave up on her life a few days ago. (My friend spent a lot of time in foster care.) My friend is struggling with guilt that she didn’t do enough, but I know she went beyond what most would have done. Her initials are MM, if you would add her to your prayer list, I would be grateful.

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