Blogging 101

I am not sure if I am a true blogger or not…I am not sure that my life is interesting enough that others may want to read about.
But here I go! I am a mom of 6 boys! My oldest Sammy is 12, Tyler is 11, Jordan is 10, Maxwell is 8, Zachary is 6 and Joshua is 2.5 years old.

Happily married, my husband is Sanjeev, an audiologist. We will live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

Life has never been as I knew it since the birth of my first son. Parenting changes you. There is no you… only them. It is amazing how they can occupy every waking minute… and then even my dreams.

I am not sure why God thought that I could raise 6 sons… or maybe He knew I couldn’t do it on my own… so it was a guarentee that He would always be in my life… I need His constant help and guidance!

It has been a heck of a journey… come along for a ride!

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One Response to Blogging 101

  1. kumardixit says:

    Welcome to the world of blogging my wonderful sister. I can't wait to hear how things are going with your life. Caution: You are just about to enter the endless viral world. Don't let it consume you!