You got your hands full!

I know that those of you with your 2.5 kids hear this…too! “You got your hands full!” What an obnoxious comment. Thanks for noticing…can you help me get my groceries to the car please? People seem to feel they have the right to makes comments to perfect strangers…Is that strange?

Wherever we go, we obviously attract attention…and comments. My favorite is when we are out to dinner and someone comes up and say, “Is this a birthday party?” No… we are just having a family dinner! 🙂

My least favorite comment is “Have you figured out what is causing it?”

I was at the sporting store and had all the boys with me (which doesn’t happen too often anymore) and a lady came up to me and said ” Are these all your kids?” ( Remember the boys are standing right there… behaving, thankfully)..
Yes, I said…
“Oh my God, i feel sorry for you!” she said this in a very rude tone.
Taken back I say… well we don’t feel that way.”
I thought that would be the end of it. But then she says, “not yet.”

Speak of rudeness. I actually felt sorry for her. What happened in her life to leave her so bitter?

Yes I have my hands full … of love, hugs and endless adventures.

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3 Responses to You got your hands full!

  1. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    Hey Reema,

    Keep up the blogging. Wow, the boys look so big.

  2. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    One more comment. Maybe the name of the blog could use a change. Living Loving Breathing Boys can be interpreted differently. Like, after I posted my first comment, I got the comment as an email, with the subject "[Living Loving Breathing Boys…" which a co-worker thought was something different.

  3. Oneisawesome says:

    Agree with Ted, Reema. How about something like…
    Raising Six Superb Sukamaran Sons?