All Done…

It’s Christmas Evening…

The house is settling down… the in-laws are all over, dinner is done and everyone is watching Despicable Me.   Cute movie, if you haven’t seen it.  I won’t lie… I am exhausted.  I am so glad that everyone is happy.  The boys are thrilled with their gifts, have expended their energy on the rink and are losing stream.

Josh was absolutely adorable this morning.  He just couldn’t wait.

Zachary was delighted to get his iPod… with the camera.  He actually turned it over and made sure!  Phew, good thing I got it right!

Maxwell… well, he is always pretty content.  For fun, we got him a Justin Bieber doll that sings… and he didn’t disappoint… and gave us all a good laugh!

Jordan… well, he got a phone.  He was of course very happy.  (Sammy’s expression was priceless… as he wanted the iPhone 4G but has to wait till February till he is able).

Tyler… yah, he made off pretty good too.  He asked for a guitar and was thrilled to unwrap just that.

Sammy… a sweet Sammy… I told him he would be pretty delighted with his gift.  He looks at me with a straight face and asked if it was a car?  This child of mine… lol

Of course it isn’t about the gifts… but when you are a kid, it really is, isn’t it?

I always make the boys sit in front of the tree and take a picture in their pajamas that they got on Christmas Eve.  I told them today, “No matter how old you are, I’ll always make you pause for the picture.”

One of the boys asked, what happens if we are not here?

Ouch… that made me pause.  It really hurt to think that, yes, the reality is that someday, they won’t all be home.  I am not able to process that.  (Thankfully, that is many years away…)

I know the wives will come, there will be the visits to the in-laws… and all that jazz… but I have to say that for a moment… my heart stood still.  I can’t imagine Christmas with my babes no longer babes.

Silent Night

Holy Night

All is calm

All is bright…

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