Power To Our People

A few years ago Sanj and I went to Florida and spent a day at the Epcot Center with friends. What I noticed there was that many different countries were respresented there… but not India! What was up with that? And why is it that people that are of an East Indian descent seem to become famous for infamous reasons?

How annoying is that? Remember Sanjaya from American Idol? And then there are Indians in the Guiness Book of World Records…what are they known for? Longest finger nails! Trust me, it is truly disgusting. Even in the movies and T.V…. the Indian with his accent is the comic relief.

Then I see this…the Indian Dwarf Weight lifter! ( I got this from my brother’s blog…he finds the craziest stuff)!

I know that there are very talented East Indians out there…. it is time for our people to shine!!! COME ON…Power to OUR PEOPLE! 🙂

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