Sanj (my husband) is a huge sports fan. It really does not matter what the sport it is… he just loves it.
So it is no huge surprise that my boys love sports too. HOCKEY is the number one sports in our household even in the summer. (Although in the summer GOLF is a close second)!

We have 4 boys that play hockey right now and Sanj coach’s the older boys team and plays himself. So it is safe to say we live and breathe hockey. When they are not playing at the arena, they are out on the backyard rink, mini sticks or watching the Toronto Maple Leafs lose.

So I am trying to get at least one child on my side. Here is my conversation with Josh (age 2.5)

Me: “Josh, I hate hockey.
Josh: ” I hate hockey.”
Me: “Me too!:
Josh: ” Me 3!”

All is lost, as he informed me he now likes hockey.
You know what they say… “If you can’t beat them… you may as well join them.”
I got a hockey stick for Christmas…

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