My Gift…

It’s Monday… Sanj is off to see a patient…

a child who is being fitted for hearing aids for the first time.  As much as I hate when he does this on his day off… (because everyone has an  emergency)… this is pretty neat.

Josh is up.  That boy is such a morning person!  Thankfully, my mom is here to amuse him as she is a morning person too.  The boys are enjoying a breakfast only their Ammama (that’s what they call my mom) can make.

So… I am at 993 post.  I had thought that by 1000 I would have finished my book.  Ha!  Here’s the thing, this year was so busy.  I took on projects that were extremely time consuming.  I was hardly in my office except to write a blog.

This is the year… January 6th, the boys are back to school.  I am sorry but that is the dumbest thing… going back to school on a Thursday?  Who comes up with this stuff?

Yet… I am feeling myself gearing up… getting ready to write… my heart seems to pound at a faster pace just thinking of it.  I feel like I have lived a full life and yet… I feel like babe about to be born and take my first gasp of breath of the new life ahead of me.

I had the greatest present from Sanj… of course he always gives me fabulous gifts.  He is very creative and thoughtful.  Every year, he surprises me.

This year, I had no idea what I would want.  I am the kind of person that if I need it, I go get it.  Clothes… I hate being bought clothes… I am weird sizes and it varies depending on the store.

Totally off subject… here’s why I hate others buying me clothes…. a few Christmases ago, I had been working out, lost a bit of weight and came home bragging that I could fit in a Lululemon pair of pants, size 4.

Sanj, bless him, heard the Lululemon part and size 4.
Imagine my surprise and discombobulation when Christmas morning, among other things, there was  SIZE 4 sweatshirt.  Um…. I haven’t fit into something that itsy bitsy since I was 12 years old.   As I held it up to me, I looked at him and said, “This doesn’t even hold one of my boobs!”


Anyway, I will admit, I am a very hard person to shop for.  I wondered what in the world he had come up with, especially since he looked so pleased with himself.

Christmas eve… I got pajamas.  I buy everyone pajamas for Christmas Eve.  Yah, Sanj!

Then… there was a series of packages numbered.

#1… socks  (I always buy Sanj funky socks every year… going back to a time when that was all I had money to buy him).

#2  A Beautiful Cross Pen

#3  2 Leather bound notebooks… (this is a fetish of mine.. I love funky, cool notebooks and pens).

#4 A printer… OK… I did ask for a printer for my office.

#5  A backpack to hold my laptop and gear.

And then…

A Bunch of Papers… inside the backpack.


Oh my goodness!

Time away, someplace warm… and to write and be taught, mentored… (I refuse to call it school… ugh!)

How much I love this man!  OK… I loved him when he bought me a size four top… yet what I love is his faith in me.  He believes in me.  He helps me fulfill my dreams.  He dreams with me… he lets me dream big!  He gives me room to be me… and sometimes that requires a lot of room!

Sanj is all I ever really want or need for Christmas.  As Jerry Maguire said best, “He completes me.”

Dear God,

Yes… I am dreaming big… I am going to write my book, I am going to be published and I am going to make a difference in somebody’s life.

Jesus, this is my prayer.  Oh, and May Your will be done.


PS… Thank you for my blessings… the biggest one being Sanj!

I love you.

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2 Responses to My Gift…

  1. Luette says:

    Can’t wait to get your book.

  2. Aunty Saro says:

    Dear Reema:

    I just happened to read one of your blogs, and got hooked. Very interesting reading. All the best with your book. Love, Aunty Saro

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