The Conversation…

Do you like me?

Circle one… Yes or No.

Do you remember passing notes like this around in school?  I was never one to do this being the shy child I was nor was I the recipient  of a note like this… lol but I do remember this drama happening in class.

Now days it is different.  There is the internet… that is how kids communicate these days… through texting, Facebook, emails… etc.

Last night I could hear giggling, teasing and then the running of feet.  “Mommy, go on Max’s wall and see the conversation.”

The following has been posted with permission from Max… the other person’s name is changed to protect the tender hearted. This is the conversation on Max’s  wall:

Max:  i think i heard santa so im gonna act like im asleep now

Max Sukumaran: i think he’s stuck in the chimney

Max Sukumaran:  yep he’s stuck, typical santa

Max Sukumaran: This year instead of giving Santa milk and cookies I’m gonna give him some fruit and vegetables cuz let’s face it he’s in pretty bad shape so it’s my little favor to him

Girl:  ya he does look really fat ya if he:|]

Girl: ya i hate him so much! he is not real

Max Sukumaran:  Where’s the Christmas spirt

Max Sukumaran: Whats the Christmas spirit

Max Sukumaran:  He is so real u pozer ahahahaa

Girl:  ya r u talking about you cuz u r ahhahahahahahahah!!!

Max Sukumaran: Nope

Max Sukumaran: Ahhahahahahahahah

Girl:  WOW R U REALLY TALKING TO YOUR SELF or some one else

Girl:  max do u like me like likelike i am just asking ok plz tell me i want to no ok right back ?plz!

Girl:  if u tell me i will tell u if i like u or no ok

Girl:  just want to no?

Girl: don’t tell no one ok?

Max Sukumaran: Well I can’t tell no one cuz it’s on the Internet

Girl: ok well do u like me like likelike

Girl: do u yes or no

Max Sukumaran:   I don’t know if I should say

Girl: what i do not get it yes or no

Max Sukumaran:  I don’t know if I should say

Tyler Sukumaran: Woah…. first of all, eww… 2nd of all, there’s a thing called inbox! like really guys get a room

Girl: what!!!!!plz tell me?

Max Sukumaran:  Well my bros can see this so I can’t tell u this on my wall

Girl:  shut up i hate u i am just asking ok

Tyler Sukumaran: you dont even know me! someone is judgmental.

Girl:  ok do not cuz they r stupid do not talk about this no more ok

Max Sukumaran: i wasn’t they were online i didn’t tell them

Max Sukumaran:  wait did u call me stupid or tyler cuz i’ll tell u just not on my wall

Tyler Sukumaran: oh maxie get romantic i see and shut up is a rude word

Max Sukumaran: tyler u shut up

This is the conversation Max is having on his chat now.
He comes into our room… “Mommy, tell me what to say?”

So as I am reading this, I explain to Max that girls are sensitive.  I told him that he must always be kind.

“Do you like her, Max?”

“Not like that. I’m only 11 years old.”

“Mommy, can’t I just tell her yes… I like her… since I won’t see her?”

Sanj cautions him… that if he does this, she will no doubt move back and then what?

My poor sweet Max.

Later… on chat, the conversation continues…

girl:  ok do like like me yes or no

Max:  Your a really good friend

Girl:  but i said yes or no do u like like me plz tell me then i  will tell u if i do ok

Max:  I like u as a friend

Girl:  plz tell me?

yes or no

Max:  ok…No not like that

Girl: i have to u r not telling me yes or no

Max: I just did!

Girl: just tell me plz

Max:  No, I like u as a friend tho.

Girl:  ok then no right

Girl: ok so u said that u do not like like me

Max:  Well I said that ur a good friend

Girl: i do not no if that is a yes or no , ok plz tell me!!!

Max:  Well if u r  a good friend so then no

Girl:  ok , i know now.

Max:  Do u like me?

Girl: yes i do that is y i want it to ask u so ya!

Max: Aw thanks

Girl:  that is y i was asking.

In bed… Sammy says,  “Max, just break her heart.”

Max replies, “Mommy said girls are really sensitive,so I can’t.”

Watching and listening to my boys figure girls out… priceless.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i totally just laughed the whole time i read this reebok! aww the boys are growing up…and that girl needs to be educated on fb lol..ALWAYS THE INBOX CHICA! tell her it’s not too late to delete the whole convo! lol awww they grow up too fast 🙂

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