1000th Post!!!!

Happy New Years!!!

Welcome 2011!!!

How fitting that this is my 1000 post!

I have such big dreams for this new year… as I do every year.

I am not  going to bother listing a bunch of resolutions as I never seem to stick to them.

Yet I will say that this year I will attempt to make more dreams come true.

This year I will live as best I know how.

This year I will love with all my heart.

This year I will not give up on dreams but rather work hard to make them my reality.

This year is going to be a good year!


Thank you for another year of life!

Thank you for all the blessings that came with this year… the biggest being my family.

I ask You to help me make each day count!

Thank you for a New Year!

I love You,


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