Do you want an idea of how to lose those extra pounds from the holiday?

Come over!  Inhale the bugs that are crawling around our house and get a good dose of the stomach flu!  Suddenly all the goodies that are laying around look gross.  Everything tastes like saw dust… and you have no appetite.

Of course you feel weak… very weak.  The dishes pile up… in our house every single dish is dirty.  Sanj mustered enough energy to yell at the boys for being so thoughtless and did a quick tidy of putting everything in the sink.

When both parents are sick… life falls apart.  I haven’t felt this sick in a long time.  Throwing up is the worst thing… I hate throwing up.  Of course if you try to hold all the crap that needs to come up in … you feel just as disgusting.

Yet, the good news is as I stood in the scale this morning, I was down the pounds that creeped on over the holidays.

Ha… the silver lining.

I think every kid has had it now… maybe just Jordan is left, or maybe he already had it too.  I am feeling really bad for those that came to our house and hope that this didn’t get them too.

It’s one of those days that everything in my house has been used and dirty.  Today I need to summon the energy to tackle some of it.  The dishes, the laundry, the decorations and the biggest part is making the boys be an active part of the process.  That is the hard part… the nagging and urging that everyone must help.

I am looking forward to getting back into routine.  I can’t believe I actually said that… but yes I am.

Happy First Monday of the New Year!

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