Tim Hortons can take a lesson from McD!

Tradition in our house is a quick stop at Tim Horton’s (our Canadian coffee spot) for a bagel and hot chocolate on our way to hockey. (It takes the pain out of those 7 a.m. practices)! I was in the van with the boys ordering the usual, which of course is not a small order, but with 6 younger ones, I can’t just leave them in the van in the cold and run in… and that is what a drive thru is for!

The guy at the window asked me that that next time would I come in and order as it slows down their line. I explained that no I couldn’t as I have little ones in the car. He really did not care. I was SO annoyed. If you are worried about your timing, then make it your written policy to not serve the bagels thru the drive thru. But I knew that a family of 4 wouldn’t get asked to come in for their bagels…so don’t discriminate against a larger family.

McDonalds on the other hand, gave me a business card and told me that next time wanted a big order of say chicken nuggets, call five minutes before and they would have it ready, thus me avoiding to wait with the kids! Thanks McD for your thoughtfulness.

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