Dirty Laundry

I am often asked how I handle life with a busy household… that I should share my tips. Well like most of you, I have my meltdowns (not pretty)! and am thankful for a family that loves me despite of my craziness.

Laundry is a HUGE factor that easily sends me over the edge. As you can imagine… there is NEVER a time that there isn’t any laundry! IT IS ALWAYS THERE… waiting, teasing me, overtaking me!

These are some things I have found helpful to keep things somewhat under control…
Each of us has a towel…which I took to the engraving shop and they embordered each of our names on it. This cuts down on a million towels being washed. We wash them a few times a week and the boys have hooks with their names to hang them up.

We made our laundry room into a family closet, so to speak. Solutions ( an organizational store) sells these mesh metal crates which you can buy different sizes. Each boy has a tower with 4 pull out meshy drawers. Undies in one, PJ, tee-shirts, jeans, each in there own drawer. This keeps the baskets of laundry from leaving the laundry room. We have a huge basket of socks… and each fends for himself.

We also hung up rods on the wall as a closet… and all the hang up clothes are by size. XS, S, M, L, XL…so I don’t have to keep switching clothes as they outgrow them. Mind you, the three older ones share a lot of stuff too, so this makes it handy.

Light at the end of the tunnel… Sammy and Tyler are on doing their own laundry for the most part..so there is light… I am seeing it… maybe it is just a mirage.

If you have any helpful ideas, I am always looking to ideas!

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One Response to Dirty Laundry

  1. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    Hey Reema and boys. Glad to see sukumaranville is back up and running. My one laundry tip would be to throw out all of your socks, and only buy two colors of socks. Buy a bunch of black socks, the same brand, and a bunch of white socks the same brand. That way it makes matching socks a whole lot easier, and if you lose one sock, you don't lose a pair. This way you can also avoid having to match them up. I just throw all my socks in together into the drawer. Also, when you do buy them, buy some backup socks, and keep them in storage (or out of sight). This way, when your supply of socks is running low, you can restock, and you don't have to worry about finding that exact brand. Just make sure to remember where you left your backup package (I can't seem to locate mine).