It’s How Cold?

Are you a winter person?

(This picture is from last winter… I was too cold to go out yesterday with the camera).

Me, not so much!  Brr… the temperature is reading -23 degree Celsius (with the wind chill).   The men in my family spent the day at the ski hill.   It was cold!  I was ready to go to the ski shop and buy myself a pair of ski pants to wear inside the chalet!

Josh loves skiing!  He can’t get enough of being on the hill.  He also can’ t get enough of Sanj!  🙂  Yup!  He has now gone from being a mama’s boy to a dada’s boy!  He just wants to be with Sanj all the time!  Wahoo!  I can breathe again! lol

Enjoy it, Sanj!  Haha!

Today, Josh rode with me to the ski hill.  He cried the whole 20 minutes we were in the van.  “I want to ride with my dada!”

Lord, have mercy!

I was ready to beat this child!

The ski hill was quite busy despite the frigid temps.  Sanj is to be credited for the boys ability to ski.  Sammy was probably 5 when Sanj took the older boys to the ski hill.  He want alone with the boys… as I was home with the babes.  Every Sunday… he went, rented the skis, took them to a lesson and then brought them home.

Have you every gone skiing with little ones?  Then you know the prep that it takes to actually get to the hill.  Yesterday, I was watching as family friends of ours came to the hill with their 3 little ones.  They had two adults and owned their skis so they didn’t have to go through the chore of getting rentals.  It took them probably almost an hour to get everyone ready.

All the boys can ski or snowboard… thanks to their dad.

Josh loves it.  After his lesson yesterday, he tortured Sanj as he skied with him. lol

As the boys zip up the hill on the ski lift and down the hill with no fears… I am grateful to have a husband that takes his role seriously.  They all ski, skate, ride bikes… all those skills that are so easy to develop as a little guy and yet harder to pick up as you grow older.

Thank You, God,

For my dear husband that puts his wants and desires on the back burner to be dad first.
Please make my kids have grateful hearts for all that they are blessed with…


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