Thank you and Happy Birthday…

Happy MLK Day!

I found myself reflecting on this man and that era where so many people were so courageous.  I couldn’t help think of Rosa Parks and the courage she must have need to sit down on that bus!  I wonder if Martin Luther King would be pleased with the progress … of life today as we know it?

I think of those two men that thought dressing up for Halloween as a KKK guy leading another man with his face painted black understand what a sad statement their “joke” makes in today’ time?

I wonder if I had been on that bus with Rosa Parks, would I have had the courage to stand up for her?

I know that I am grateful for those that made a stand for my freedom.

Thank you, Dr. King.  Thank you, Mrs. Parks.  Thank you, Mr. Ghandi… and the list goes on.

Thank you to the heros that make life today just a little bit easier.

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