Today God sent me a note of encouragement … at the sports store.

I love a God sighting.

After school today, I took the boys to the mall to look for snow gear.  Right now there are great sales as every one is trying to rid themselves of the winter stock.  It’s around now that the boys are outgrowing their gear.    The three older ones all needed snow pants and new winter coats.

Over March Break, we are going to Mont  Tremblant in Quebec for a couple of days of skiing/snowboarding .  Then on the way home we will stop in Ottawa and take in a Senators game.

Since Sanj is his own boss,  there is no pay when he doesn’t work… so getting him to take off is a hard sell.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  I haven’t been to any of the other provinces so this on my bucket list.

Back to the mall… we were looking for gear… the boys taste in clothing is so disturbing to me as it seem that all the colors are of the 80s… very loud and clashy.  Yet… I am not the one having to wear it and the bonus is that I’ll be able to stop them on the hill instantly!  🙂

There was a young man helping us… well, he had actually stopped to ask Josh to get off the exercise equipment… and then ended up helping us sort through all the sizes etc.

He was one of six boys!  I asked him if his mama was still alive and well?  He laughed and said, “Yes!”

He was saying that they really gave her a run for her money…  The first 20 years he said was hard for her! lol  Now… though he said that they are all friends and love each other.   He said, “Now there are 6 wives, 6 sons and lots of grandkids… and it is wonderful for his mom.”

So, I am holding on to that … that someday there will be peace and calm… that the boys will stop the endless fighting and bickering that is about nothing at all.. and will have love for each other.

It made me feel good…. that the future was going to be OK.

I would have given him a hug, this man… as he made me feel like I could do it!  I really wanted to talk to his mom.  Maybe someday … I’ll have to shop there more and befriend him… so he knows I am not a kook and  then I could meet his mama.  🙂  How I would love that!

Thank you God, for my 6 sons.  How I love them, really I do!

Bless my heart… may it stay strong to the end! lol

I love you, Jesus.
Please be with my future daughter-in-laws… keep them in Your love.


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