Grown Up for One Night…

Do you every play grown up?

Is that a weird question?  What I mean is, sometimes I feel like I am still 30 something.  Yet, in reality I am older than I feel.

Friday night we played grown up.

We got dressed up, drove to Toronto with friends and had dinner at this crazy posh steakhouse.

Harbour Sixty Steakhouse…

Wow, the place was nice.

Everything was crazy expensive.

The waiters were just ON…  they knew the skills to wait on people!

The food was really yummy.

There was stuff on the menu that I had no idea what it said.


Do you know what is? A fattened duck’s liver.  ($39)

I didn’t have an appreciation for it but the rest of my party loved it.  They actually delighted in it.

I ordered TRUFFLE MAC AND CHEESE ($13) as my appetizer even though it was really a side.

Mac and Cheese made with truffle oil… I didn’t even know there was such a thing.  Yes, it was yummy.

Sanj and Mark were there for the steak.

They were not disappointed.

(Isn’t he so cute?)

I am not a big meat lover… and I really have to say the steak was fantastic. ($54)

Jyoti and I had fish… and it was really good.

I had red snapper… de-boned. ($36)

This little potpourri thingy came with my meal.   It was my lemon… wrapped up all fancy, for me to squeeze so the seeds didn’t come through.

( I didn’t figure it out till after I had opened it and squeezed the lemon, seeds and all on my fish).

We had so much fun playing grown up!

I was more fasincated with the prices of everything.  My little bottle of diet coke… it was little, 200 ml… was $4.95 every time… no free refills!

There was a coat check person, the bathrooms were heated… I think the toilet seat too!  There were really napkins to wipe your hands…  that was my kind of bathroom! lol

This was the fancy doggy bag.

Can I tell you, it was such a fun night!  It was so much fun playing grown up!

It was great company too.

Now we are back to the land of being real grown ups.

Not as fun!

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