Look Into My Uvula…

Ramblings on a Sunday night…

Yesterday my hormone raging son came to me and said,  “Sorry, Mom.”

Priceless.  Life immediately becomes perfect.  What crime he is sorry for, doesn’t matter.  He is sorry and all on his own has apologized.  I love this kid of mine!

Yesterday was all about hockey… of course.  We went to Courtice for a hockey tournament.  It was snowing like crazy.  I ended coming home with Josh.  The snow was coming down so hard.  The roads are wicked.  My van, despite the fact that it has snow tires, stinks in snow.  Me, despite the fact that I have driven in snow most of my life, am petrified.  One accident, on an ice patch, 15 years ago, coming downhill, feeling totally out of control as the car slide into the tree… $3000 later, has left me scared of snowy driving conditions.

I am on a 2 lane road, coming down a hill… ahead of me I see lights of a snowplow coming straight at me.  I am braking yet worried about slipping onto the other lane.  The snow plow is not getting off my lane.  He is coming straight at me, and not at a slow speed.  I am trying to keep my panic , that I am feeling bubbling over under control.  There wasn’t even a car length between us as he finally, with less than a second to spare  he moves over.  That was on the beginning of my trip home.

Thank you, Jesus for keeping us safe.

Outside today, the temperature hovered at -20 Celsius most of the day.  It has been one of those days that we just couldn’t get warmed.  Church… lunch and then home.  Brrr… Zach went outside while Sanj was clearing the rink for Sammy and his friends.  Next thing we know, he is inside with a bloody lip/tongue.  He decided to lick the snow/ice.  Ouch!

Sammy has some friends over… one of the boys ate his rice with syrup over it.  I thought this was only on Elf.   Hum…  Definitely different strokes for different folks.

Josh has been walking around saying “Look into my uvula.”

Football has taken over this house.  The boys are all into it right now.  Super Bowl Sunday is just weeks away.  Ohhhh, the anticipation!

Zachary is turning 9 years old this Friday!  He has no clue what he would like for his birthday.  Yet he is excited about his present.  He does not like or play with toys.  His only desire is a dirt bike.  The $3000 kind.

I am not ready for Monday.  I feel like I can sleep endlessly.

Happy Sunday Night!

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