Blogging 101

Do you have a blog?  Do you enjoy reading blogs? If so, what is it about blogs that attract you?

My brother started blogging years before me.  His blog allowed me to peek into his life and make up for some of the geological distance that is between us.  (He lives in Maryland… and me, in Ontario).  He has a sense of humor and is often irreverent to the point of rude.  His blog was my introduction to the wide world of blogging.

After reading his blog for a period of time, I decided to start a blog of my own.

I loved the release of my emotions that came with writing.  I wrote for myself.  Then I began to get followers.  This was so flattering.  I love getting comments!  I wrote about everything, my boys, my parents, growing up with abuse, my sweet Sanj… my blog was/is random.

Over the years, I have some blogs that I follow.  I love reading blogs maybe because I see myself in so many of the normal people out there.  I see realness.   I think that there is a distinction … in magazines, so often I am reading about the rich and famous.  It is a life that is so not real in my world.  Yet when I read blogs, usually of other moms, I feel like I am usually doing ok.

So… I wanted to share  some of my favorite blogs with you…  my list changes so… these are the ones I look at a few times a week, at least. is Sanj’s professional blog.  Since he is one of the smartest people I know… I am sure you will appreciate his blog.…   This blog is one that I have been following for a while.  This lady was living a charmed life with her husband and children when her husband and her were involved in a horrible plane crash resulting in her body being burned terrible.  I am drawn to her page… love her courage and love for her family. … I have stumbled on her blog… she is rather a star it seems… I love her way of writing and her photography.   I love her recipes.  She loves butter. This is a man I heard of from my brother.  He is CEO of Thomas Nelson Publisher.  I love his advice and thoughts as the pertain to the publishing world as well as the world of writing.  A lot of his stuff is so useful to my real everyday life.  I view him as I would fatherly figure …I guess.…. My brother’s blog.

These are ones that are on my daily radar.  Listed below are ones that I read and want to give a shout out to:

I hope I didn’t miss anyone that follows me regularly.

I think that for me, reading blogs is a mix of having a pen pal (remember those back in the day?), reading a magazine and peeking into someone’s diary all in one.

Have you considered blogging?   You should give it a try… but be warned, it’s addicting!

Have a great week!

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2 Responses to Blogging 101

  1. Sandy says:

    Thank you Reema, I stumbled onto your blog by random and am thrilled to have found you. I definitely feel a connection with you as you share your daily life. I relate to the never ending chores, the constant errands, and children that grow up way too fast. I also relate to the memories of abuse, and wanting so much to be loved by my dad. There is both heartache and joy in what you write and that makes you as real as you can get. I think I have fallen in love with your boys from a distance, they are so much just regular boys!! Thank you for recommending my blog, as I also love to get comments. But it is, lol, you forgot the ex in the middle 🙂

  2. Heather Down says:

    Just started blogging, but I too am addicted. I look forward to checking out all the blogs you have suggested. Way better than reality TV!

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