What can I write about today?

Starting a post like that means I am bored.  Well, not from the lack of things to do… as there is plenty.  Rather bored from not being able to do what I want to do.

I am in Sanj’s office ready to work and there are no computers  available.  (HINT HINT)  I am not in here enough to really demand a workspace… but I would really like one.  And if that comes with a computer, then that would be even better!  🙂

So… I am in here, picking my nose waiting for time to pass till my lunch appointment.  Actually it is lunch with a Rhema mom… and it is at my favorite restuant, Karmas!  Love this place!

This computer is so slow!!!!

Today is nicer outside… I suppose anything that higher than -20 C is nicer!  I keep seeing all these vehicles that have slide off the road on the highway… and it really freaks me out.  What made them slide off and is this something I have to worry about it?

Friday is Zach’s birthday.  He is going to be 9 years old.  What a little bundle of fire he is.  I still have no idea what to get him for his birthday.  He has no idea either and yet I know he expects to open up a superb gift on the morning of his birthday.

He has never been a child to play with toys.  Is that weird?  He loves being outside.  He loves his ATV, or being on the rink.  He loves the trampoline or swimming.

The only thing he wanted was an iPod for Christmas.  That was his list.  1 thing.

On Monday, since it is a PD Day and there is no school, he is planning to have his friends over for a skating party.  I hate parties at home.  I am a fan of going to the Laser Tag or Movies or somewhere where the mess is not in my home.  Yet, he wants to have a skate party at home.

He likes skateboarding.  I was thinking of maybe signing him up for lessons at the skateboard park place… except it is one more night out for him.  Hockey has him out 1-2 nights already.

My Sammy would be able to hand me a list so long of things that he wants.  Not my Zach!

Do you have any ideas?  I would be eternally grateful if you gave  me a helpful suggestion…

Friday is just a few sleeps away… tick tock tick tock…


(Did I mention that this computer is SOOOOO SLLLLLLOOOOWWWWW)?

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