Grey Hairs and Wanted: A Chauffeur :)

Today I washed that grey right out of my hair!

Actually, I really am not bothered by the grey in my hair.  In our family, we turn grey prematurely.  My sweet Tyler has 5-6 grey hairs on his little head.  I haven’t colored my hair since I was 30 and trying to deal with a disasterous hair cut.

What got into me?  Well, remember I was bored yesterday! lol  So today I had it colored a brownish/black with a hint of red highlights.  I am sure the it isn’t that noticeable… which is good because when I don’t bother going back in the required time to deal with my roots… it will blend nicely.

I have to say, it was fun, sitting there getting my hair done.  I want so badly to have really short hair.  It just does not suit my face.  I cut much shorter layers in it too, to give the illusion that my hair is fuller than it is.

I have aunts who color their hair pitch black even though they are in their late 60s or 70s.   It makes me laugh. Everyone is trying to grab onto their youth.

Do you color your hair?

I have a new need… well want.  A chauffeur for the boys.  Just in the winter… I am good the other 3 seasons! lol

Today Sammy came into the van… “Can I go to the mall with my friends?”

The  boy is such a social creature!  I wonder if I would have been like that if I was free to be me at that age?

I love that he always has a plan.  We live 20 minutes from town.  It’s mid week.  I am really wanting to just do all the “stuff” I need to do (dinner, dishes, wash some towels, homework, put Josh down for the night…) and then read my book or watch American Idol. I want to be in my pajamas.  I don’t want to go into town and drop off and pick up.

Yet… I remember being a teen and wanting to go somewhere.  My dad’s standard response was, “Sure, if you have a ride.”  We lived out of town… where no one lived.

So… added to my wish list… a full time housekeeper (who does it all… laundry, cleaning and prepping for supper)… I am adding a chauffeur.

Hum… Sammy will have his license in a little bit.  Soon there will be a chauffeur!  🙂

I’d better get back to dinner prep…as I will soon have to be heading back out again.

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  1. Sandy says:

    In answer to your question, do I dye my hair. No. I did once, in 2002. My oldest son talked me into “lightening” my hair. He did it with a store bought box…. It turned out neon yellow! and I had to go to work that way. I worked in the 1 hr daycare at a local store, and I was mortified, humiliated, wanted to die. But instead I pretended I was okay, and held in the tears. After the 24 hr wait was up, we dyed my hair med brown, which turned out blond. I’m a red head, and for a time I was blond.

    I have been tempted lately… I even bought a jar of henna… the grey has really begun to take over. But people still think I’m younger than I am. In the last year I have even had 3 people guess I was about 38!!!! Most guess around 45, which I am quite happy with.

    I’ll let you know if I ever do the henna.


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