Big Boy, Zach!

How is it possible that 9 years ago, we were blessed with a beautiful baby boy?

Zachary Thomas was causing me great pains to make his entrance into this world.  He came out like lightening… and has been buzzing around ever since.

If you have ever read anyone of my posts that I have written on Zach, you will know that he has been a bright light in our lives.  He has such energy.  He literally sparkles. He is always ready to go…  his energy is non-ending.

He embraces life whole heartedly.  He loves his brothers.  Actually, he adores them.

He never lets his size or age stop him.  If he puts his mind to something, he keeps at it.  Right now, he is determined to become a snowboarder.  At his age, it is not an easy feat… yet he keeps at it,  every time he is on the hill.  He has no trouble picking himself up and trying over and over.

Zach is a hard worker.  Since he was a little one, he loves working by his dad’s side.   He is out there, shoveling the rink, as long as Sanj is out there, from beginning to end.  He often times, tackles shoveling  the rink himself, so he can skate.

Zach loves hockey!  He loves snowboarding and skateboarding.  He loves his trick bike.  He loves swimming and playing for hours in a pool.  He loves his ATV and is yearning for a dirt bike or snowmobile.   He loves his dogs.  Zach loves being active.

Zach loves food, especially Indian food.  He loves his curries… the hotter the better.

Zachary is a very content child.   He is not asking for  things… though when asked he dreams big.  All he wanted for his birthday was a dirt bike or snowmobile!

Zach loves his family.  He is a the typical little brother that loves being around his brothers.   He loves to imitate them, despite the fact that they find this annoying!


On this day, January 28th, our family was blessed with a great blessing…

Zach, we love you so much!

Dear Jesus,

Bless this dear child of mine,

What a blessing he is!  Please be with him as he grows … keep him in Your love.  Help him to continue dreaming big.  May all his dreams come true.  May his life be full of blessings… love and happiness.

We are so grateful to have him as part of our family.

Thank you, Jesus… for his life.

Happy Birthday, my sweet Zach!

I love you.

This is an older photo of Zach but just shows his personality and is one of my favorites of him.

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  1. Heather Down says:

    Happy birthday to your lovely boy, Zachary. What a beautiful tribute you’ve posted. I went to school with Sanj quite a few years back and like to check in on your blog every once in a while. I like the way you chronicle your life. You’ve inspired me to do the same and this January I started the Moose Pyjama Chronicles if ever you want to check in:
    God bless,

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