The Day…

Wow… am I ever exhausted!

Making a birthday special can be hard work!  My Zach  would say that he had a good birthday.  Sammy took Zach to the Petes game (hockey…OHL) last night, just the two of them.  Zach was thrilled.  He adores Sammy.   He imitates Sammy as much as he can… or maybe they are just that alike.

Yesterday morning, after Tyler finished his exam, we headed to Toronto for the day.  All the boys except Jordan, who was on the Rhema hockey team and had a game out of town.  We drove an hour and half to the other side of TO to shop at Zach’s favourite store… Abercrombie Kids … there are only 2 in Ontario.

The other kids happily tagged along… hoping for some loot too.

I have 6 boys… all of them are shoppers.  They love to shop for clothes.  And… they have very good  expensive taste.

It is always an adventure to go into the mall with all 6 of them.  I am easily out numbered.  For the most part, they were good.

My Max… yes, my sweet Max… was copping some serious attitude though!  I was wondering what happened to my Max?  Where oh where did he go? Hope he comes back soon!

Then my kid  # 2 decided to join Max with the attitude.

Hum… that was not pleasant.

Then, there is Josh…  need I say more? 🙂

I am nursing a head cold.  I am stuffy, achy head and tired.  Driving was a bit of a challenge.  I was so sleepy!  (Thank you, Jesus, for travelling mercies).

We went to Whitby to Zach’s restaurant of choice, The Mongolian Grill for supper where Sanj’s family joined us.

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  1. Heather Down says:

    I have found the best cure for colds. It doesn’t taste good, but I find it works. If you find oregano oil (you can get it at Shopper’s) and put 4 drops in some kind of juice 2 s a day and I bet your cold will be gone within 48 hours. I find it is especially good if you have sinus issues. Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Renata says:

    I hope he had a wonderful birthday!! You can’t go wrong with the Mongolian Grill either – whenever we are out that way we make a stop there!

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