They are BACK!

We had a good March Break overall. While we did not go for the “fun in the sun” we managed to get some pool time in as well as lot of winter fun. But today the 2 weeks are up and it is back to routine and all that good stuff. Boy was it hard to deal with a wake up call this morning!
Finally the last one is out the door and it is me at home (of course with the younger two) looking for some quiet time or a play date! Thank Goodness my mom is here! I am out of here! Well at least till pick up and it all begins again!

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One Response to They are BACK!

  1. Ted Unnikumaran says:

    wow, 2 week spring break? Canadians are always looking for a way to get out of working.

    Sammy, how come you are not wearing any glasses? Can you see better underwater.

    If anyone ever makes fun of your glasses, just look at this picture and realize it could never happen to you.