I’m a BIG kid now!

Parenting comes with its ups and downs but usually the good out weighs the bad! One of the things I dread is potty training. Perhaps it has more to do with my ADHD personality but I have a hard time staying put. Waiting for poop to come is not on my favorites.

My mom is here visiting… its cold outside… what a better time to sit with Grandma and await the poop? Josh is officially potty trained! Praise God and I am still sane! Thanks Mom. Thanks Josh! He is truly a wonderful boy. He has a delightful personality and was SO tolerant with all the “Do you have to pee?”

Goodbye Babyhood!

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One Response to I’m a BIG kid now!

  1. kumardixit says:

    How about sending your mom back to Maryland to train Eli…