Tick Tock…

Tick Tock Tick Tock…The Countdown is on for the end of the weekend.

What a busy weekend.  The weekday may actually seem quieter.  This weekend was the 2nd Annual Under the Locks Hockey Tournament.  It is a  hockey tourney that is played on a body of water… the Lift Lock Canal.  Very cool… and for someone that is absolutely fearful of activities that happen on frozen waters… I was glad to know that under the ice was only 4-8 inches of water.  This event grew from 16 teams last year to over 600 kids this year.

It was such a cool thing… a truly Canadian day.

Tyler, Jordan and Zachary were our boys that were playing  this year.  They braved the cold, the elements and truly enjoyed being out there all day.

I was happy to be the shuttle … for food, warmth, etc. and nurse my head cold  (sympathy please… )  🙂

Josh was a trooper!  He was so happy to get free Gatorade… all for his asking.  He has happy enough playing in the snow.  He also loved his independent.  Since I could be parked and see him as he wandered… he loved wandering here and there.  I really enjoyed his well behaved self this weekend  (Thank you, Jesus) and loved his childish delight in all that was around him.

The boys will be so happy to see their beds tonight.  Thankfully tomorrow is a PD Day… so no school… yet a busy day, nevertheless as Zach is having a few boys over to celebrate his birthday.

That wraps up the weekend…

Hello Monday!

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