Frosty Face Plant

Today is one of those days where I am feeling a little overwhelmed… and I have only myself to thank!

Sanj didn’t come home till after 9 pm helping take down the stuff from the tournament.  What a long day for him!  Me, I came home to Sammy, my ever social child, inviting some folks for supper.  I love company!  Yet, the house was in a disaster … the family room looked like a locker room… literally, hockey gear, coats, stuff, everywhere.

Yet, Sammy stepped up and did help tidy while I drove back into town to pick up the three boys who had games and were in melt down mode.


Today was a PD day… yet Jordan had a volleyball tournament he needed to be at by 9 a.m.    He needed to see me there at least for a bit.  Sammy needed to be picked up by 11 am as did Zach’s cake… and then there was the picking up of Zachary’s friend.

I came home… fed all the kids lunch and was amazed at how much cleaning I could accomplish in an hour!  Main floor was presentable.

Snacks… ready.

Doorbell… Let’s get this party started.

The boys all went out and played on the rink for at least 45 minutes.  I love when they are active!  Then it was snacks and cake… singing and then soon goodbye.

It’s minutes to 5 pm… Sanj will be home looking for supper.  Zachary has hockey at 5:30 and went with a freind… which I am so grateful for!

Now I have laundry everywhere… clean and dirty.  I have a load in the wash that I think I already washed 2xs.  Do you ever do this?  I am even embarrassed to admit it!  More than likely it will have to be washed again… Oye!

There’s food in the fridge that needs to be thrown out.  A  squishy cucumber that got lost in the bottom of the veggie drawer.  My fridge really needs to be cleaned out… washed with all the items taken out and expiry dates checked.

I hate that job.

My mom used to do it… and did it so well.  I can’t have my 70+ year old mom cleaning out my fridge.

I have to add this picture… it’s my Josh… the boys were out skating and Josh was out there practicing on his skates.  I looked outside and saw him in the snow.  He had his balaclava on. Then his helmet.  I saw him stick his face in the snow.  I think he wanted to eat it.  This is the result!  He is such a hoot!  I am not sure how much is working up there… lol…   I love this kid!

I love all my kids.

Happy Birthday, Zach.

Sanj’s birthday is in 4 more sleeps!

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