Closer to Care…

Today was awesome!

Can I tell you about it?  I was going a meet and greet of sorts for all the folks that are part of the Closer to Care Campaign.  I was so nervous.

I got there early.  I saw people… a hockey great that is part of the team.  I wanted to go up and say, “Hey!  I’m a hockey mom 5 times over!”  I didn’t.

I called Sanj.  I interrupted his patient.  “I’m scared,” I told him.   (Have I told you I love this man?)

He said something.  I don’t remember.   I just needed to hear his voice.

I went  in.

Wow.  Lots of grown ups!  OK… I realize that may sound silly but I am not around grown ups every day… the working kind.  There were CEOs… MDs… Businessmen/women… and then me.

I was so taken to be part of this amazing energy.

Did I mention that Mr. Hockey Great (no, not Wayne Gretzky) shook my hand?

Once the talking started… it was so amazing to be part of this group… this cause.  Bring Care to Peterborough.

It’s our community.  It’s our responsibility.  It’s going to be so awesome.

I was so thrilled I didn’t even have a piece of the cake they had… birthday cake… (I love birthday cake)!

I am working with a group of ladies to put on the

Dancing with the Docs Gala.

It’s going to be an amazing night.

Don’t worry, I will likely talk it to death here… so stay tuned.

I am working on the auction part of the event… with a lovely lady I met today.

Did I mention I am SO excited???

Cancer Sucks.
We have to fight it.
We just have to.

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