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My Story…

I love this… “Don’t let anyone else hold the pen… when writing your life story!” I am all about my life story.   It doesn’t matter what life throws your way, it’s your story to write.  If you have faith, … Continue reading

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As with everything, there is the good and the bad… Having a houseful of kids being bit by the flu bug is no different. Sammy is still down, feverish and then sweating it out. Max came home yesterday, his eyes … Continue reading

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I am really trying to prioritize my life. It sounds simple but it isn’t,  like where is laundry in my  list of priorities, or making sure I get to the gym, or a healthy supper, or just me time? Of … Continue reading

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Superbowl Sunday… and Noise… and Hockey

My kids are driving me crazy. Maybe because I have been with them all weekend, 24/7. Maybe because I have not had a moment alone. Maybe because they are lazy, excited and likely over-tired. I am ready for Monday, but … Continue reading

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Closer to Care…

Today was awesome! Can I tell you about it?  I was going a meet and greet of sorts for all the folks that are part of the Closer to Care Campaign.  I was so nervous. I got there early.  I … Continue reading

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My Mom Is Here…

My mom is here. This means a bunch of stuff… It means that I am fed and not cooking!  It means that I eat all the time… even if I am not hungry! It means that laundry is caught up… … Continue reading

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